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  Version 3.0 Build 558



  • Download the Firmware file to a PC, which has access to Broadway
  • Open the Broadway configuration pages.
  • Go to Configuration
  • In the Firmware section, click the Browse button to navigate to the downloaded new firmware file and open it.
  • Click the Update button
  • Broadway will reboot automatically
  • Important note: Please clear your browser cache after you have installed a new firmware to ensure your Broadway user interface gets displayed correctly.

Do not interrupt the Broadway power supply while updating the firmware!

Detail information about firmware update

To be used with: 

• Broadway HD-S2, Broadway TD ( 2T )

What's new in version 3.0

This version of the firmware adds new features to the existing function set of Broadway:
  • Support of USB mass storage devices
  • EPG information for digital TV stations  (now and next shows)
  • Recordings of digital TV stations and analog inputs
  • Instant recordings as well as scheduled recordings
  • Playback of recorded shows
  • Standby mode
Support of  USB mass storage devices

  • This version of the firmware supports USB mass storage devices to be used as recording devices as well as for storing EPG data. Hard disk as well as thumbdrives could be used ( as long as the write performance is sufficient)
  • Supported file systems : FAT32 and JFS
  • Recordings on FAT32 partitions support recordings > 4Gbytes (file spawning). Recordings will be splitted into 4GByte chunks that will be used also for playback. The gallery will contain just one entry for a recording.
  • EPG data beyond the now and next shows could be stored on a connected USB mass storage device and are available after rebooting the box. Now and next information will be hold in RAM and don't require a connected mass storage device.
  • Firmware supports setup and format of a connected USB device.
Scheduled recordings

  • Recordings can be scheduled manually like in DistanTV mobile. There are different settings like start, end, duration, preroll and postroll to be configured. Recordings can be easily managed in the UI of your box
  • Instant recording functionality is available in non full screen preview mode only

  • Recordings from digital TV signals will be stored in native transport stream format (PID filtered, loss less). The recorded file only gets transcoded during preview of the show using the selected transmission profile. 
  • Recordings from analog inputs will use the highest quality encoding profile. These files will also be stored in transport stream format using H.264 video encoding. On playback they get also transcoded to the desired transmission profile.
  • Important: Disconnect your USB mass storage device only if the USB LED on the front panel of your Broadway box is NOT blinking. Otherwise the result is unpredictable and could lead to loss of data. Please wait until the blinking stops. You might need to stop an active recording if you want to disconnect your drive instantly.


Standby Mode

  • Standby mode allows to force Broadway into standby after a certain time of inactivity to reduce power consumption. The device returns to full functional mode upon UI requests or start of recordings
  • Broadway settings allow to configure the standby mode based on your requirements
  • In this version of the firmware standby is deactivated by default. You have to switch it on in the settings if you want to use it

Please note the following hints and limitations:

  • NTFS file system is not supported by Broadway. 
  • Parallel recordings are not supported, even if your device supports more than one tuner.
  • Instant recording in full screen mode is not available due to a lack of overlaying controls over the previewed station. You have to switch back to windowed mode or intitate a scheduled recording instead



Firmware V3.0.558

Hotfix for TVCenter

  Hotfix for TVCenter
Required to work with Broadway V 3.0.558





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