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TVCenter 6.4.0 Flash Update - ONLY for PCTV DVB-T Flash Stick (280e) 05/Oct/2010


This tool updates the on-board flash memory of your PCTV DVB-T Flash Stick (280e) to the latest version of Pinnacle TVCenter, a fully featured TV viewing and PVR application for Windows XP (32bit only), Vista (32bit & 64bit) and Windows 7 (32bit & 64bit).

What’s new: for detailed information please click (PDF document)

  • DistanTV mobile: TV streaming to client as a 15-days trial version (online upgrade to full version via webshop)
  • add EPG Viewer
  • H.264 codec with DXVA
  • Converting formats: new engine - new profiles
  • Parental Control
  • Closed caption

Supported hardware:

  • PCTV DVB-T Flash Stick (280e)


  1. Make sure your PCTV DVB-T Flash Stick (280e) is not connected to your PC.
  2. Click the download link below and choose “save as” to download the update to e.g. your desktop.
  3. Once the download is completed, double-click on the downloaded file.
  4. Follow the instructions of the PCTV Flash Recovery wizard.
  5. Connect your PCTV DVB-T Flash Stick (280e) when the wizard asks you to do so, and run the update/recovery. Do not unplug the stick while the recovery is in process.
  6. After your PCTV DVB-T Flash Stick (280e) has been updated: Run Launcher.exe from PCTV Flash Disk and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.
  7. When the wizard asks you for a serial number, please enter the serial number that has come with your product, printed on a label on the sleeve of the original TVCenter installation disk.


  • This software is intended ONLY for the use with PCTV HD Ultimate Stick (880e) and cannot be used with any other product.
  • For the installation of this update, a valid TVCenter serial number is required. You can find your serial number on the sleeve of your original PCTV install disk that has come with your product.
  • To install all functions of TVCenter, an Internet Connection is required while the installation.

Some features of older (Pinnacle) Software versions (Pinnacle MediaCenter 3.x, TVCenter 4.x, TVCenter 5.x) have been discontinued in this version in order to improve performance and stability.

  • TVC does not run from stick anymore. App will be installed on local harddisk.
  • Direct-to-DVD recording
  • Direct capturing into various formats - this feature has been replaced by a smart off-line transcoding of recordings
  • tvtv EPG support
  • Internet radio support






05. Oct. 2010


460 MB






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