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Installation guide

  • Download and copy the Firmware file to a PC, which has access to Broadway
  • Enter the Broadway menu by typing into your web browser address field.
  • Click on the Admin folder and log in as administrator (default pass word: admin)
  • Go to Maintenance
  • In the Update Firmware section, click the Browse button to navigate to the downloaded new firmware file and open it.
  • Click the Update button
  • Broadway will reboot automatically
  • Important note: Please clear your browser cache after you have installed a new firmware to ensure your Broadway user interface is displayed correctly.

Do not interrupt the Broadway power supply while updating the firmware!

Detailed information about firmware updates


Products for Europe


Broadway Triple HD 292

Broadway HD-S2 461

Broadway HD-S2

Broadway TD / 2T

 Firmware V3.3.1424

This beta firmware adds new features to your Broadway product compared to version 3.2:

  • Bugfix for Internet Explorer 11
  • Broadway Triple HD support
  • Updated login behaviour
  • Improved instant recording
  • iOS 8 support
  • unicable support for satellite TV
  • Android: Videoplayer choice for H.264 profiles

Broadway 2T
= Broadway TD

Broadway HD-S2

 Firmware V3.2.1060

This firmware adds new features to your Broadway product compared to version 3.1:

  • Add advanced EPG UI
  • Add preliminary DLNA support (BETA)
  • Filedownload from gallery
  • Profile selection in playerwindow
  • Reworked settings- and adminmenu
Products for USA  

Broadway US

Firmware V3.1.609

This firmware adds new features to your Broadway product compared to version 3.0:

  • Instant recording
  • Preview of analog inputs during recording
  • Improved Android support to circumvent Adobe Flash incompatibility of new Android devices
  • Aspect ratio selection for recordings from analog inputs
  • Advanced EPG / scheduler menus

Broadway US

Firmware V3.0.558

This firmware adds new features to your Broadway product:

  • Support of USB mass storage devices
  • Recordings of digital TV stations as well as of analog inputs
  • Faster start of streaming for Flash profiles
  • EPG information for digital TV stations
  • Scheduled recordings, instant recording
  • Playback of recorded shows


You can find older firmware versions for Broadway on our Firmware achive page (click here).







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